“Dear guest,

We are a family company with experience in the field of entrepreneurship in the energy sector, where in the last 7 years we have successfully launched three start-ups.

We were lucky and determined to always achieve positive results, adapt to different conditions, using our skills in building advantageous relationships with all interested parties, in an international context more oriented towards small and medium enterprises.

With a view to professional development, we founded, financed and launched in October 2017 Syma Group Srl, a holding company of Italian law and Syma Polska Sp zoo – a Polish company operating in the energy and industrial sector in the field of development consulting and starting new projects mainly in Poland, Greece, France and the Baltic States.

For us, development means commitment to new, exciting challenges, sharing results, working methods and business models. Find effective and efficient solutions, promote innovative projects.

Our goal, as Syma, is the opportunity to make a significant and positive contribution to the development of partners. Openness in the market for all companies in the energy sector that want to develop in new markets, using ethical and integrity rules for all parties involved.

We invest our resources in the two most innovative systems of our time: passionate and determined women and men looking for new challenges.

We believe in European values, respecting the natural environment and multiculturalism. We implement these values ​​with us in every project, promoting dialogue, cooperation, development, ethical behavior and synergies between companies and institutions from different countries.


Best regards”

Sylwia H. Bernaś

Marco Ferrara