Skill for equity

The Syma Group operates as an industrial holding, together with Italian SMEs, mainly in the form of skills for equity start-ups in other countries, in order to coordinate the development of the reference market.

Growth, development, diversification: these are goals that lead to investing time and resources in internal structures. Often for SMEs, it is about internationalization, attempts to gain competitors or opening new branches and / or locations in new countries. One of the risk factors for failure is management: often chosen for this purpose, but not related to the company, with insufficient experience in both the initial projects and in the new foreign reality in which it is located.

The Syma Group, thanks to the experience gained by managers and entrepreneurs in various start-up projects since 2011, after the process of risk analysis, sharing goals and schedule, agrees to share the time and resources of its network to increase its business and thus participate in company’s risk capital.


  • Generating many valuable contacts in interesting companies with amazing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Transforms contacts into new orders, deliveries or investments
  • Management of the startup on the site until the launch
  • Frequent planning of coordinated corrective actions to reduce the risk of failure

Model WIN-WIN.


  • drastically reduces its financial involvement in the start-up phase
  • carries a significant part of the risk of failure on SYMA GROUP SRL
  • immediately gets access to the partner’s network of contacts
  • don’t need to undertake any recruitment activities at an early stage
  • uses Syma’s experience in the Italian business as well, enjoying a different view of the partner involved in the business and company philosophy


  • Increases its economic result after starting the spin off
  • It transfers consolidated companies to emerging markets, without causing burdensome innovation in products that involve risk
  • Uses the specific technical and organizational skills of SMEs
  • Increases its verified network thanks to the SME network
  • Works on medium- and long-term projects with common, defined goals


The Syma group is able to provide qualified references for specific successful cases.