Merger & Acquisition

Syma Group has a consolidated experience in the acquisition of companies that hold plants for the production of energy from renewable sources or from natural gas in cogeneration.

In the second part of the years 10, the market in Europe has been increasingly structured, reducing its returns, against a widespread perception by operators outside the sector –  stability and technological maturity comparable now at risk level to the real estate sector.

With some distinctions, this evolution affects most of the European countries, with Central and Eastern Europe that is catching up with the most developed markets in Western Europe.

The PPA phenomenon that opens the door across Europe to the market parity in the solar and wind sectors. Increased use of biomass in powerful Danish and British markets instead of using coal. Stunning increase in the price of emission certificates. The definitive development of offshore wind turbines with a diameter of over 200 meters.

These are just some of the signs that open a new era, in which the rapid development of the share of renewable energy in energy production in individual European countries will not only be an interesting investment opportunity, but a necessity to maintain the competitiveness of the industrial system

In recent years, the M & A sector for this type of project suffered from high demand, and there is currently a relative shortage and / or unavailability of projects for sale on the market.

That is why a new phase of project development in various countries has begun, including certainly in Poland and Italy, where there will be a significant and progressive evolution from the current situation until 2025, which will attract the interest of medium-sized operators, programmers, IPP, media and investment funds.