DSR PBU service – the possibility of using a simplified reduction of energy consumption for small and medium enterprises in Poland

Thanks to the auction ended on 31 October 2018 provided by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA (PSE SA), a public company responsible for the management of the transmission system and security of supply in Poland, two existing DSR programs “Demand Side Response” (Guaranteed Program and Current Program – Program Gwarantowany i Program Bieżący) as well as a simplified regular program (DSR PBU – Program Bieżący Uproszczony).

The latest one (DSR PBU) is addressed mainly to small and medium-sized companies, interested in obtaining additional money for reducing energy consumption at the request of the network operator.

In a simplified regular program there is no reward for being available to reduce power consumption, but it should be noted that at the same time the company is not subject to penalties in case of refusal to demand for reduce the power. In this way, the DSR PBU program has properly no disadvantages and becomes an additional opportunity for earning money for the company, as well as an opportunity to support the national energy security system.

 A DSR participant can be any entity that has the ability to transfer or reduce the demand for electricity on the network. This possibility must be positively verified by the network operator to which it is connected. The participant must be equipped with an appropriate measurement system, connect it to a network with a voltage higher than 1 kV and have an ORed technical certificate issued by the local network operator.

In the case of the DSU PBU program, participants with a connection capacity of more than 1 MWe may be allowed to provide services directly from PSE, while others must establish cooperation with aggregators who participated in specific auctions in order to provide the service.

The amount of earnings depends on the contracts proposed by the aggregators, and in the case of cooperation with PSE from the market situation related to the demand trend.

This is certainly an opportunity for all small and medium enterprises, with the possibility of contributing to the stability of the system and at the same time the opportunity to receive additional money if necessary, without any restrictions.

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